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We run and successfully expand our organic orchard farm in the picturesque, unpolluted region of Eastern Poland.

The farm exists since 1986 and covers an area of over 50 hectares – entirely devoted to aronia cultivation and NERO aronia plants production.

Many years of experience in fruit production allows us to produce the highest quality vegetative aronia plants, which have gained recognition around the world. Our plantations, planted with plants of our own production, allow us to make very accurate selection of shrubs. Only those with the best features go to the nursery, where they are propagated.

Such a system of production guarantees high yields and gives 100% certainty that the plants will grow well and will retain a set of features necessary for mechanical harvesting (elasticity of shoots, resistance to mechanical damage, optimal height of adult shrubs).

Our customers can count on professional help concerning the establishment of plantations, as well as aronia cultivation. Even after many years after selling plants, we provide advice and guidance on the care and cultivation of shrubs. Aronia is our passion, which we gladly share with others.

We invite you to visit our farm, where we will answer all your questions, show you our specialist machinery, our nurseries and aronia plantations.

Explore our history

We are one of the oldest aronia producers in Europe


<h2>First aronia plantation</h2>

First aronia plantation

It all started with a small plantation, located about 2 km from our farm. Thanks to constant care, despite the passage of many years it still bears fruit every year.


<h2>Start of plant production</h2>

Start of plant production

Initially, we produced plants exclusively for our own needs - for further farm development.


<h2>First plants sold</h2>

First plants sold

After years of selection of the parent plants we decided to increase the number of produced plants and start selling them.


<h2>Start of aronia products production</h2>

Start of aronia products production

Currently in our offer we have juices, concentrate, fibre, freeze-dried powder, jam, honey; dried and frozen fruit.


<h2>Launch of the Yagoody brand</h2>

Launch of the Yagoody brand

Apart from aronia products, the Yagoody brand also offers other "superfoods".

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