Aronia plants

In our offer we have only vegetative aronia plants of the NERO variety, produced from our own carefully selected parent plants, under the supervision of a forester with over 40 years of nursery experience.
NERO variety is characterized by high elasticity of shoots and moderate height allowing for trouble-free mechanical harvesting, as well as repeatable annual fruiting.

We offer 1, 2 and 3 year old plants, also ecological. All the two and three year old seedlings sold by us are well grown, multi-stemmed, with a very strong root system.

We approach each customer individually, trying to help choose the best seedlings, corresponding to the needs and possibilities.

Clients praise us both for our professional help and the plants themselves. The highest quality of the plants offered by us makes the customers from previous years, who are expanding their plantations, buy another orchard material from us.

In order to receive the current price list, please send an e-mail to: [email protected] with information about the number of plants needed, their size and place of delivery.


It’s a three-year-old, top-notch orchard material. These plants speed up the fruiting of plantations by one year compared to 2-year-old seedlings!
They are strongly propagated and have a very well developed root system.
“Extra” is the best quality aronia plant in Europe.

Variety: NERO, vegetative
Height: 80-110 cm
Packing: bundles of 10 pieces

I class

These are top quality 2-year-old plants. They are characterized by a very strongly developed root system and a very extensive, multi-stemmed above ground part. The first class plants selected by us maintain high flexibility and resistance to damage at mechanical harvest and guarantee high yields and annual fruiting.

Variety: NERO, vegetative
Height: 60-80 cm
Packing: bundles of 10 pieces.

II class

The plant is characterized by very good genetic characteristics, guaranteeing rapid growth and high yields. The only difference from a first class plant is its lower height and less developed root system.

Species: NERO, vegetative
Height: 40-60 cm
Packing: bundles of 10 or 20 pieces